Recipe Love: Mooncake Snow Skin

September Month celebrates Mooncake festival also known as the "harvest festival".  
We came across this blog for this mooncake recipe. 
Thank's to Asia food recipe
What You'll Need

37.5 gram Glutinous rice flour
75 gram Sifted icing sugar
30 gram Strawberry puree
30 gram Warm water
10 gram Olive Oil
200 gram Red bean paste
4 whole Strawberry

How to do it

1. Sift the flour. Pour the sifted flour and icing sugar into a    
   clean bowl. Mix well.
2. Combine the puree , water and oil in another bowl.
3. Pour the warm water and oil to the flour mixture. Mix well 
    swiftly. Knead for 20 seconds and form into a shape of a 
4. Divide the snow skin portion into 4 equal parts. Put aside.
5. Divide the red bean paste to 45 grams each. Flatten the 
    dough. Wrap the strawberry with the red bean paste.
6. Flatten the snowskin and place the red bean ball in the 
    center. Wrap one strawberry around the red bean ball and 
    roll into a ball.
7. Dust the snowskin with a bit of the rice flour. Press it into 
    the mooncake mould. Chill for 3 hours before serving.

Enjoy and share it to your family and friends!
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