DIY: Chalkboard Fridge To-Do List

Tired of  sticky notes that fall off your wall? 
Who wants messy if you can make something cuter that sticks just fine? 
We found this Chalkboard Fridge-to-do-list! 
Let's have fun girls!
Thank's to Made by Andi for this DIY 

What You'll Need

How to do it
Step one: paint the front of the wood slice using the bark line as your guide. You will probably need to do two coats, letting the first coat dry for 1 hour before you do the second.
Step 2: Using your glue gun, glue a couple magnetic strips to the back of the wood slice. The more you have, the better it will hold to your fridge. Then using chalk in the color of your choice. Have some fun and write an inspiring quote, your grocery list, or some fun cooking related words.

♥DIY: Chalkboard Fridge to-do list

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