DIY: Chunky Pearl Necklace

Ichigo Girls, Let's have fun!

Ever wonder how it feels like going around like Carrie Bradshaw? We thought you would! :) So, here's another Do It Yourself activity for us girls. Make your own Chunky Pearl necklace, paired with your LBD's or lacey top's. Tip: This will look so much better if you pulled back your hair with a lil' messy bun :)


Bold Chic and Elegant


Summer Inspiration

 Ichigo's Summer Inspiration  

Ichigo girl wakes up to fix her pretty room and takes her time to bathe on her pink tub. She rides her pink bicycle with basket, picks those beautiful flowers, takes out her pink stripes umbrella, wears her favorite gold and coral necklace and lacey hat. She walks around the park and looks for a ferris wheel, she rode and had fun. Summer afternoon, She changes to her swim wear and takes a plunge on the pool after a generous bite of her favorite macaroons. Then, she waits for the sunset , puts on her sundress and will have fun on a summer night with those pastel lanterns lit up to dance the night away.

photo sources: Pinterest & Google Photo's, 1

❤Summer lovin'


Ichigo girls,get ready for Summer!

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♥Be edgy and dressy


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It's International Women's Month. Ichigo shoes pays tribute to one of our fashion icons. Our Former First Lady, Congresswoman Imelda Romualdez Marcos.
photo source: google photo
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DIY: Giant Paper Rose

Ichigo girls, let's have fun!  

source: http://greenweddingshoes.com/diy-giant-paper-rose-flower/ 
You need the following: Scissors, Pencil, Floral tape, glue, 4 sheets of doublette crepe paper(or 2 shades each of pink/red and lighter shade if doublette crepe is not available), doublette Green crepe paper for leaves- calyz & stem, sheets at 10x49 inches, stem wire, 3 copies of teardrop template, 8 copies of heart-shaped template, 2 copies of leaf template, 1 copy of calyx template. (templates needed for cutting click here-> Martha Stewart)
Step 1: Cut the petals
Cut 5-6 teardrop petals and 15-6 heart-shaped petals from the petal colored crepe paper. 
VERY IMPORTANT: Crepe paper is directional so it matters which way you’re cutting the paper. Make sure the grain is vertical when you’re cutting the flower pieces.

Stack 2 pieces of crepe paper on top of each other then place 1 copy of template over the crepe paper and staple. I don’t recommend cutting more than 2 layers of crepe paper at a time since the edges won’t be cut as cleanly. Repeat until all of your petals are cut. 
Step 2: Cut the leaves + calyx
Cut 3 leaves and 1 calyx from the green crepe paper.
Step 3: Make the rose stem
Take 3 pieces of stem wire and wrap in floral tape. 
Step 4: Shape the petals
With both hands, pull from the center of the petal outward. This will create a cupping of the paper (which is what gives it the petal-like quality)  
Turn petal over and use the round pencil to curl the top of the petal. 
Step 5: Create the rose bud – the inner part of the rose
Take one teardrop shaped petal and wrap around the taped floral wire from Step 3. Use more floral tape to secure. Repeat working your way around the floral wire until all of the teardrop shaped petals are use. 
Step 6: Make the rose bloom –the outer part of the rose
Take one heart-shaped petal and wrap around the rose bud, secure with floral tape. Repeat until all petals have been used. 
Step 7: Make the leaf-stems
Take 3 loose pieces of floral wire and using craft glue, wrap each one with green crepe paper. Take one leaf and 1 crepe paper wrapped floral wire from step 10 and glue together. Repeat 2 more times. 
Step 8: Add calyx to rose
Wrap the calyx around the base of the rose bloom and secure with floral tape. 
Cover the floral tape area with more crepe paper. 
Step 9: Add leaf-stems to rose
Using craft glue, secure each of the 3 leaf-stems to the rose stem. I found it helpful to use binder clips to hold the stems together while the glue was drying.  

And there you go Ichigo girls! It might take a little time, but it's the best pretty alternative to real flowers and this will last forever


Pleats and Platforms

Ichigo girl, try our featured outfit of the day! Pair your pleated skirt with flatforms, also known as the flats of platforms. Walking made easy and comfy for summer. Also add a colorful tassel necklace and a cute satchel bag for that pretty look 

Missy pleated chiffon skirt, Bazaar Denim shirt , jhajing tassel necklace, Ichigo Lesly Satchel Bag and Ichigo Marie stripes platform

  Ichigo girl, Mix and Match  

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DIY: Eyelet Lace Collar

Ichigo girls, Let's have fun! 

Make your own Lady Like Lace collar inspired from a carousel theme for Spring and show off that sweet, fancy free look. 


  Stay sweet and lovely- Ichigo Girl