DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

Hello Girls! Let's have Fun! :)
 Ever wondered what to wear and it seems like You're getting a little bored with your clothes in your closet? You're not alone! :) Let's have a fun activity, get your not so worn skinny jeans and let's add polka dots in it :) 
Thank's to A Devine Life for this DIY 

What You'll Need:
Fabric Paint
Cork (or anything that can be used to make the dots)
Plate Covered in Plastic Wrap

Here's What To Do:
1. Find a Jeans on your closet that is a little worn. 

2. Lay out your jeans on a towel (to prevent paint spills). Pour some fabric paint onto the plastic-covered plate, and dip the cork into it dabbing off any excess paint. Line up your ruler, and start dotting away! You can space out your dots as much as you want. 

3. Let your pants dry for four hours and flip over to do the back.

4. Wear and style your newly decorated jeans! 

♥DIY: Polka Dot Jeans

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