DIY: Woven Chain Bracelet

From our Pattern inspiration Woven on our last post, We want to share a DIY Woven bracelet that you girls can enjoy doing this weekend. We love this post from Honestywtf.com  inspired by Aurèlie Bidermann‘s Do Brazil bracelets. Cmon' girls, let's have Fun 

You'll need
Curb Link Bracelet
Embroidery Thread
2 Bobby Pins
A pair of Scissors

How to do it:
Cut 2 sets of 15 strands of Embroidery thread, with each strand measuring 4 times the length of the bracelet. Knot all the threads on the top, leaving 2 inches of slack. Sandwich each set between a bobby pin, this will help you easily weave the threads through the links of the bracelet. Lay the threads to the left of the bracelet. Pull the first color (coral) from under the first link and over the top of the left side.
Lay the second color (blue) over the first color (coral). Pull the second color (blue) from under the same link and over the top again. Repeat the steps, moving onto the new link: put the first color (coral) on the top of the second color (blue) and pull it out from under the 2nd link and over the top left. Lay the second color (blue) on top of the 1st color (coral) and pull it out from under the 2nd link and over the top left again. Because the links of this bracelet are large, you need to weave the threads twice in each link. But If the bracelet is smaller, once is enough :)
Repeat the steps until you reach the end of the bracelet. Finish it with a knot and trim the ends.

And Here's the Finished Product. 

Enjoy Your weekend Girls! :)

♥DIY: Woven Bracelet 

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