Prettify Me: Halloween Nail Art

What better way to match a Halloween Costume/outifit but a themed nail art. Prettify yourself for Halloween with a spider-web nail art. All you need is a Black and Orange Nail Polish and a creative mind for the spooky outfit:)
Check out this Nail Art article from TeenVogue's Learn How to Create The Perfect Halloween Manicure
*Photo's courtesy by Pixie Polish

Step One: Apply a Base coat followed by your Orange Polish
Step Two: Create the French Tip
Using black acrylic crafting paint and a toothpick (or brush if you prefer!), create an outline for a french tip. Then, fill in the tip with black nail polish.

Step Three: Start Your Lines

Next, using black acrylic paint, make five lines down the nail, all meeting at the middle of the tip.

Step Four: Add Intersecting Curves

Using the black craft paint again, create thin curves connecting each line. Apply a top coat and you're done!

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