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Ichigo Shoes started from a twenty-something shoe fiend’s quest for local shoes that would reflect her style – young, modern, feminine and fashion-forward. Having found none that would tickle her shoe fancy, she decided to make her own, hoping other young women like her would relate to the designs she dreamed of. (and she did)

The birth of Ichigo Shoes in 2006 up to the present date gained customer reviews as "Softest and Most comfortable shoes they have ever owned, locally made with it's unique designs". Ichigo Shoes has also been featured in top fashion and lifestyle magazines like Mega, Metro, Cosmopolitan, Candy and more. And up to the present we still continue to provide high quality, Philippine made shoes.

Here's our way of giving back to you, our VALUED CUSTOMERS
We're giving away a choice of your own pair of Ichigo Shoes, Simply by answering this....
"What do you love most about Ichigo Shoes?"
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2. Answer and leave a comment on this Blog post together with your name/blog username &  
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Deadline of entries will be on the 16th of October, Tuesday. 
Announcement of Winner will be on 17th of October, Wednesday.
One Lucky Winner will claim her prize
 at the 
Superb Bazaar ,World Trade Center
 on the 20th of October 2012, Saturday. 

Good Luck Girls! :)

♥Anniversary Blog Giveaway
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Tiny Ichigo (kid's shoes) is also available at Club Princess stores at Bonifacio High Street and Mall of Asia

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  1. What I love most about Ichigo shoes is that they look really nice without having to sacrifice comfort. I can walk in them for hours and the shoes are really sturdy! That's why i've stocked up on ichigo shoes (and actually the bags too hehe).

    Name:Fran Postor
    E-mail: franpostor@gmail.com

    happy anniversary, ichigo! :)

  2. What do you love most about Ichigo Shoes?

    Honestly I dont have Ichigo shoes, but for me I love the designs, colors are unique, soft and comfortable to wear, and the most important is the quality of the materials that they used.A great variety to wear in any occasions, mix and match clothes and shoes.

    Krystal Jade Coronel

  3. ichigo shoes they're soo cute and adorable shoes! they have unique style. comfortable to wear.
    name: Kris Corral

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  4. I love Ichigo shoes because aside from its unique and stylish designs these shoes are amazingly comfortable when worn --all day, everyday. :) You can also wear them with jeans or with dresses. :>

    Maria Rosario Theresa F. Refuerzo
    GFC : Maria Refuerzo
    EMail : mariarefuerzo@yahoo.com

  5. I love the choice of colors and patterns you use for your shoe products.

    Name: Maryjade Anne A. Manzanero
    Blog name: maryjadeanne
    Email: jademanzanero@gmail.com

  6. i love ichigo! i have several pairs of them and a discount card! so cool coz they know how to cater their clients very well and the designs are very unique!
    name:jacqueline perez
    blogname:jaquiperez.blogspot.com styledom
    email: jaq_perez2000@yc

  7. I love ichigo shoes because everything in their product is cute. the style is unique and i love the colors. it will make me look like a kikay :D
    H-elpful (because it's comfortable to use)
    G-ood-looking and glamorous

    Mica Ella P. de Jesus
    Mica Ella de Jesus

    Happy Anniversary! :) More blessing to come.

  8. What i love most about Ichigo shoes is that they simply have the most delightfully inexpensive-satisfying-comfort footsies and dashing bags that will make feel like a trendsetter.

    Happy Anniversary!

    name: Karen Buenacosa
    E:mail: kass_karen@yahoo.com

  9. What I love about Ichigo shoes are the extraordinary and unique style, good quality, affordable and the most comfortable shoes ever made!


    Krystal Pearl Braga
    blog username: Krystal Pearl

  10. what I love about ichigo is the shoes are very comfy and it comes with different fashionable designs. It's also very affordable and of course! Made from our very own country! Happy anniversary ICHIGO!! :)

    Soundy Manuel
    blog username: soundy manuel

  11. I love that Ichigo shoes looks so yummy in the eyes with its vibrant pastel colors and crisp tailor. But the most important thing is that Ichigo as brand is able to extend itself to better cater the needs of every shoe faddists out searching.

    Lora maria Teresa Esguerra

  12. What I love most of Ichigo shoes is that it could be a statement piece and very comfortable to use. It injects a casual vibe on an outfit without even trying.

    Joreina Blanco

  13. What I love about Ichigo shoes is that they have all the components in having a good shoe. The unique designs (color included,) functionality, high-quality-ness (not a word, I know, haha,) comfort, it just scream perfection (for the feet.) Another good reason to love Ichigo is the fact that it's locally made, GO PHILIPPINES! haha! And, I would also love to say that I really appreciate this blog Ichigo has put up because it shares a bunch of things like tips, recipes, fashion, etc.

    Happy anniversary and keep up the awesome designs!! More power!

    Thank you so much for the giveaway! :)

    Name: Nadine Co
    Blog username: nadine-felice
    Email Address: nadinefeliceco@yahoo.com

  14. NAME: Claire Sereno
    Blog Username: Claire Sereno
    Email Address: claire_sereno2001@yahoo.com

    "What do you love most about Ichigo Shoes?"

    I love ichigo shoes because of their unique shoe style.. They're shoes are the living testimony that shoes and women have a strong connection.. I first saw ichigo shoes in Lissa kahayon's post and i am so inlove with it. it scream, "buy me". ichigo has combined style with comfort that every woman craves to have in their closet..

  15. Ma. Catherine Paula Dela Cruz

    I love how the color of the shoes embodies the positiveness of life. No matter how simple or intricate the designs are, Ichigo always make sure it would fit a woman's need. I've heard somewhere that a perfect shoe would bring a persona closer to their dreams and Ichigo would be a perfect partner for me to achieve my dream!

    Congrats to your anniversary!

  16. What I love most about Ichigo shoes aside from the fact that their shoes are so cute, is that they're totally comfortable and very sturdy. The shoes' designs are also very nice because I know that the "designers" really think about what to make. The play of colors and textures are also executed nicely in a non-overpowering way. Also, since the styles of their shoes can be considered as classics, I could pass my Ichigo shoes pa to my future children!!! :)It's the first shoe store that I've found online that sells very cute brogues! I've always always loved brogues because they're not the the usual type. This day, Ichigo also sells sandals, wedges and flats but still maintains its charm! I will always be an Ichigo girl! <3 :)

    Kara Amanda C. Macadangdang

  17. What I really love about ichigo shoes? they are stylish and very comfortable as well, it won't cause you to have calluses after a long wear. Also, they're products are really affordable yet in high quality and not only that? but also, It can suits different outfits from boyfriend look to modern-chic. Ichigo shoes is really a must have in one's closet!!! =D

    Happy Anniversary Ichigo shoes!

    Name: Ma. Zyra Mea T. Bautista
    GFC: zyramae12
    email: zyrame_12@yahoo.com

  18. 1. comfy
    2. fashion-forward
    3. classy
    4. sturdy

    What's not to love?

    Lucky G. Vanguardia

  19. I love Ichigo shoes because of the unique designs. Even though I don't own a pair, looking at the photos and seeing fashion bloggers happily taking outfit shots while wearing Ichigo screams comfort. I hope I can have a pair so that I can see myself smiling while walking :D

    Name: Katherine Rose Rivera
    GFC: Kath
    Email: kathroriver@gmail.com

  20. Answer: What I love about Ichigo shoes is that it is ALWAYS comfy and it is FOREVER chic. Secondly, Ichigo shoes never gets me out of style, for me, designs are unique and timeless. <3

    Username: Nikki Edria
    Blog Name: Nicole Edria
    email: nickaiedria@yahoo.com

  21. What I really love about ichigo shoes? of course because of comfy to wear, Modish style, always in a trend and not "expensive". I wish I can get some pair of Ichigo shoes so that I can boast it to my friends :)

    Name: Anna Patricia G. Ladiana
    GFC: Tricia Ladiana
    Email: tricialadiana@yahoo.com

  22. name gerilen polon
    gfc gerilen
    email gerilent@gmail.com

    i love the chic touch and sophisticated style in every pair of ichigo's shoes. it celebrates womanhood on its own simple way :)

  23. I love ICHIGO Shoes because their style quality is better than any shoe, plus their designs are suitable for us, customers. Lastly, their service is what keeps customer coming back, a very friendly service. :)

    Name: Khlyfz Roque
    Blog Name: K. Roque
    Email: roquekhlyfz@gmail.com

  24. I'm always a fan of Ichigo shoes.Love the Design(So Fab and Sophisticated),Comfortable to wear and Durable.Really a Value for money.

    Marlene R. Yanga
    GFC Name:Marlene Yanga

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  26. It's comfortable, affordable, and stylish rolled in one. Nuff said.

    Michelle Hung
    Mich Hung

  27. I love that Ichigo shoes offers very stylish shoes yet very comfy which are a very rare find nowadays :)
    Shopping online is now fun because of ichigo shoes <3

    Ma. Angeline M. Sumague

  28. Ichigo shoes is a combination of function and style. Hence, you can never go wrong with. I love their shoes because their a good investment :)

    Name: Paulina Briones
    GFC: Paulina Briones
    Emaal: paulinathefreespirit@gmail.com

  29. From a basic jeans & shirt to a floral dress, "ICHIGO SHOES will definitely give any outfit a kick". - I totally agree with you on this!!! :-) Ichigo shoes offers style without sacrificing quality and comfort. It satisfies our eyes, our feet and our pockets.

    Carolina Sumague
    carol sumague

  30. The first time I came across Ichigo Shoes (that was when I was browsing Google for cute handcrafted stuffs) I told myself these shoes (and even bags) are very unique among other local shoe brands I know. Other than it's unique designs I also love that the shoes look so "crafty" and dainty. What surprised me most was when i checked out these shoes in The Ramp, they are so affordable and most especially, comfortable -every girl's criteria in buying shoes! More so, the shoes are also available in kids sizes! very cute!

    Michelle Ma

  31. the design????!! awesome! its the cutest...comfy...extraordinary...so girly and eye catching kind of shoes!! i mean hu-woooOOoOw! no thinking twice..thrice ect. its simply ICHIGO SHOES! and keep loving it!! :) <3 more power! happy anniv guys keep sharing such creations :))

    lian pura

  32. I first encountered Ichigo from Super Sale Bazaar in Rockwell. During my visit at their booth (which, btw, made up really nice; very shabby chic) I thought their items were imported but I was shocked to learn that it's actually locally made. The craftsmanship and design really represent the young generation: Innovative and yet classy.

    I'm a shoe lover and I'm really maarte when it comes to shoes. Before I only buy imported ones but Ichigo and other local shoe suppliers changed everything. I now buy from them (even those who are not too famous).

    Ichigo not only gives great designs in affordable prices but also comfort. I already bought 3 pairs and I'm happy that these pairs doesn't give me blisters or pain when doing long walks. Heck, I even used my pairs in construction sites and my one pair soaked in the rain but they're still in good condition. This is the best example of getting your money's worth. Happy Anniversary Ichigo!


  33. What do I love most about Ichigo?
    Simple: Ichigo's great style at an affordable price. :D

    I first found out about the brand while searching for oxford style shoes online. I stumbled upon their multiply page somehow while following other blogposts. I just have to find out if the brand's worth the hype. I've then visited their branch in makati. There it was. That adorable shop at the center of The Ramp. Not only does Ichigo have oxford shoes, they offer a variety of styles as well. Modern, the classics or just something fun? You name it, they have it. Admittedly, I got giddy seeing their store. haha

    I really love how Ichigo have something for everyone... How each girl could express herself with a pair. Just wearing one could make any outfit pop.

    When you buy a pair, not only will you have awesome shoes, you will have that confidence boost to match! Look good, feel good right? :) Worth every peso spent. :D

    Happy anniversary, Ichigo! <3

    Joanna Marie A. Marquez

  34. I love Ichigo shoes because they have plenty of cute, simple, affordable & pastel colored shoes. <3 As simple as that!

    Jasmine Concha