DIY: Camera Chain

Feel like snapping your photos wearing a jewelry chain or a shoulder bag? Here's an amazing DIY We saw from  a pair & a spare blogspot 

You'll need:

- 2 meters of strong but lightweight bronze chain (you don't want to double the weight of your camera!)

- 2 sliplock buckles (you can use your old camera strap)

- 50cm of strong nylon webbing

- E6000 glue or Mighty bond
- Scissors

How to:
1. Cut the nylon webbing in half.
2. Slide one end of the nylon webbing through the camera strap holder on the camera
3. On the outer lower half of the nylon webbing, thread one of the sliplock buckles
4. Fold the chain in half and slide the two loose ends onto the nylon webbing.
5. Double the nylon webbing over and pass back through the sliplock buckle.
6. Thread the other loose end through the sliplock buckle and reinforce both ends with E6000 glue. 
7. Press down to dry and feel free to reinforce the glue with some hand stitches through the webbing. Finally, repeat this process for the other end of the strap.
If you are concerned about the chain breaking or any other mishaps, add another strap of nylon webbing for reinforcement, attached directly onto the camera's strap holders, and weave though the chain for a decorative look. Worried that the chain might pinch your shoulder? You can also wrap and glue some leather around the shoulder section. 

♥ Camera Chain 

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  1. Is it safe? :) Looks so pretty !


  2. This looks gorgeous but is it strong enough to carry the weight?