Recipe Love: PB & J Sushi

Hello there Girls! Been busy in school or at work? 
No excuses to make your own delicious snack!
 Almost every kids' favorite even teens too.
 PB & J or what we call Peanut Butter & Jelly. 
Let's make an out of the ordinary on preparing this. 
Thank's to TheStir.Cafemom.com  for this unique way of preparing and serving PB & J bite size sandwich sushi :) 

7 easy steps to make PB & J Sushi
* photo credits: TheStir.Cafemom.com & Jeanne Sager
Step 1: Gather ingredients

Step 2: Roll Out Bread

Step 3: Cut off crusts

Step 4: Spread PB (Peanut Butter)

Step 5: Spread Jelly

Step 6: Roll Tightly

Step 7:  Cut and Serve

And that's it! Ready to eat bite size sandwich/ sushi PB & J
Happy Weekend Girls!
♥Recipe Love: PB & J SUSHI

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