Ichigo Girls' Ten Beauty New Years Resolution 2013

Happy 2013 Ichigo Girl's! What do you look forward to for 2013? Seems like, we have different resolutions, and here's what we suggest for the beautiful you. Learn how to Make this beauty new years resolution a regular thing :) Thank's to Teenvogue for this article.

10 Beauty New Year's Resolution

1.  Drink more Water 
Our body needs a lot of hydrating all year long. Specially for those who are active in sports, school and those who work-out. Women are recommended to drink at least 8-9 glasses of water a day.

2. Wear sunscreen every single day

We need to protect our skin even indoors. Enough shield from the sun for our skin is a must :)

3. Use a hair mask once a week

Hair Mask once a week will help us control the damage of our hair from styling, blow-drying, curling and ironing. This will also help us achieve a healthier hair all year long.

4. Always wash your face before going to bed

Get rid of dirt and oil from the whole day's exposure. Have Facial wipes handy too. This will help us to take good care of our skin. Besides you don't wanna wake up smudging your pillows with mascara's or lipsticks :)

5. Get enough sleep each night

Ichigo Girl's and all teens, needs an average 9 hours sleep each night. A cute sleeping eye mask will help make us feel beautiful while asleep :)

6. Wash make-up brushes regularly

For Clear Pores and healthy skin, wash away dirts and grimes from the make-up brushes you use everyday. Most popular money-saving trick for teens is the Johnson's Baby Shampoo. Here are other stuff you can use to clean up your brushes.

7. Clean your make-up drawer every few months
by Muji
It's always best to clean and clear out your make-up drawer/cabinets with the stuff you put in. Here's a Trick to know which one's are worth saving and those that need's to be out and trashed. First, If your make-up is dried up and has a funny smell, means you have to ditch it. According to TeenVogue  *a good rule of thumb is that the creamier or wetter the product, the shorter it's shell life. Foundations, Concealers, Cream Brushes and lip liners can last up for a year whereas powder foundations, blushes, bronzer's and eyeshadow's should be okay for 18 months.

Store your makeup in translucent containers so you can see 
what's in each one for easy access.  

8. Floss frequently

A Pretty Lady has a plaque-free smile. Floss everyday. Here's what we saw online. Try this out and tell us the feeling of having your cake and eating it too.

9. Care for your cuticles

The Best way to take care of your cuticles is by using Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. There are a lot of Cuticle Conditioners available in the market and on your favorite Nail Salons. It's best to prevent it from dry nails, flaky cuticles and hangnails.

10. Dare yourself to step outside your beauty comfort zone
This year, make it a habit to try something new every week. Get out of the usual things you've been used to doing and using. Expand your beauty horizons. If You've always been using nude lipsticks, try bright pink lipstick. Who knows, the products you've been trying to avoid may be the kind that works perfectly for you. It's always best to try :)

That's it Ichigo Girls! We hope these Beauty New Year's Resolution will help you have a healthier skin and a more glamorous year.

Stay Beautiful
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