Featured Blogger: Ms. Lissa Kahayon

Our featured blogger of the week is 22 years old, DLSU Manila graduate, who finished Behavioral Science with honors. Ms. Lissa Kahayon The Scenestealer who owns the blog http://www.lissakahayon.com/
She worked as an assistant to fashion stylist Liz Uy. Besides being a fashionista blogger, she also co-owns lovevintagemanila. She is also a freelance stylist, a model and an amabassador of brands Forever 21, Canon Ixus and SM Girls Teens Wear.

We love Ms. Lissa because she is a NATURAL BEAUTY. She exudes an impeccable beauty and style. 

Ms. Lissa wearing Carol Shoes

Keep it up and More Power to your Blog Ms. Lissa! :)

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