Ichigo Girl must do a Bucket List

Every girl has their own dreams and goals in life, so why not start early :) Ichigo Girl wants to share her Bucket list :)
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✎ Visit Paris and eat Laduree Macaroons!
❤ Enroll to yoga classes to improve health
✎ Watch sunrise and sunset with my love  

 watch fireworks display on a weekend
✎ spend a white Christmas with my family

 get myself a vintage watch
✎ get backstage passes for coldplay and 
Taylor swift
 party hard like there's no tomorrow
✎ collect 100 items in my favorite color
✎ learn French,Japanese and Mandarin
✎ Visit India and go to Taj Mahal
✎ drive and buy a yellow beetle
✎ have a trip to the orient with friends
✎ Buy flowers, for no reason :)
✎ Have my photo in a fashion magazine
✎ Learn to sing well 

 Do charitable work
 Share to the needy
 Attend a romantic wedding 
 shop with my girlfriends 
 wear the same bag like my bestfriend and giggle to our hearts contents
 have my own blog where I can keep a journal of my memories
✎ visit Ketut in Thailand so he can see my future
✎ try go kart!
✎ try out shooting as a sport 

 organize an event for a friend 
 surprised someone with a beautiful gift
✎ visit NYC and eat pretzels on the streets

 visit Disneyland and take a picture with mickey mouse
✎ try in n out burger
✎ go to Cebu, Ilocos and Palawan to visit the beautiful beaches
✎ wear a polka dot bikini 

Your Bucket List truly depends on what you want in the future. Doesn't really have to be long or short, it's unlimited, and in fact it's fun, specially when you start/ed checking those You've already accomplished, like mine, those with the heart's are those I've already accomplished and it get's fun and better every year :) How about you? What's Your bucket list? let us know :)

❤Ichigo Girl 

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